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Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted II Denis Waitley


If you want to properly track your calories and macros, you need to get a sense of the caloric content of each macro.The three major macros are, carbohydrates, Fats and proteins 

Carbohydrates help in  providing us with energy, and have 4 calories per gram, so if you are  eating 250g of carbs a day, that contributes 1,000 total calories.
Fats help in supporting hormones, and have 9 calories per gram. Fat is the most calorically dense macro, and can be more filling. If you eat 80g fat everyday, that contributes to 720 calories.   

Protein, we all know helps in repairing the muscles after we workout, and has 4 calories per gram. If you eat 150g protein everyday, that contributes to 600 calories.      

So let's put all those numbers together: From the examples above, let's say one person one day eats 250g carbs, 80g fat and 150g protein. All that combined comes out to 2,320 calories. 1,000 calories coming from carbs (250g x 4 calories/g), 720 calories coming from fat (80gx9 calories/g), and 600 calories coming from protein (150g x 4 calories/g).Depending on your body goals,whether it is gaining muscle or loosing weight you can adjust your macros. Add 500 calories to your diet if you want to gain weight or if you want to lose weight you need to be in a deficit of 500 calories.      

Hope this helps if you're struggling with macro tracking!

RESULTS 2019 Olympia: Brandon Curry is the new Mr.Olympia

RESULTS 2019 Olympia: Brandon Curry is the new Mr.Olympia   

In the absence of the reigning Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden,Phil heath and Big ramy, All eyes were on who will be the new Mr.Olympia. 

Brandon Curry is the new 2019 Mr. Olympia winner. Hadi Choopan was the winner of the People Choice award, dethroning the previous year winner Roelly WInklaar.   

Congratulations to the new Mr.Olympia .

Brandon curry wins the 2019 Olympia title,a eugen eugen  trophy, a gold medal and a check of $ 4,00,000 prize money.


Chris Bumstead is the new Classic Physique Olympia champion!

Chris Bumstead is the new  Classic
Physique Olympia champion!     

Classic Physique Results: Breon Ansley who has been the champion for the past two years in the classic physique division lost to Chris Bumstead who was always right behind him getting the second place. And despite there were other great competitors in the classic physique division, the show has been a battle between these two incredible athletes.
Many thought that Breon Absley will again grab this year's Olympia but it's a new year and here we have a new champion in 2019.

Chris Bumstead is the NEW Classic Physique Olympia champion after falling to Breon Ansley for the previous years of competition. He brought the Classic look in addition to perfect size and proportion.
He was able to show up and impress during pre-judging which led to his ultimate victory in the final.    

Congratulations to the new Classic Physique
king! Bumstead wins the 2019 Olympia Classic championship Title, a gold medal and the check of $30,000



RESULTS 2019 Olympia: Kamal Elgargni wins the 212 Bodybuilding Olympia.

Kamal Elgargni is the new 2019 212 Bodybuilding Olympia winner. Kamal had the best physique. He was pushed to the edge by the younger Derek Lunsford, but muscle maturity and conditioning helped him win the Mr.Olympia.Derek lunsford looked off during the prejudging due to water retention, However he managed to get to the same level of conditioning the next day but still Kamal Elgargni managed to win the Olympia.

Kamal Elgargni had been competing since 1994 but managed to get  his pro card just last year. The same year he competed in Arnold classic and won.He took the 3rd place in last year olympia and today at the age of 47 he is Mr.Olympia.

Just a dream come true for the champ :KAMAL ELGARGNI


Top Five placings:

1st- Kamal Elgargni

2nd-Derek Lunsford

3rd-Shaun Clarida

4th- John Jewett

5th- Ahmad Ashkanani




Shawn Rhoden isn't letting his rape case get in the way of his training... the 2018 Mr. Olympia hit Gold's Gym in L.A. this week and thanked all his fans for their support.

The 44-year-old bodybuilder is accused of raping a femaleb bodybuilderat a Utah hotel back in October 2018.. but he has denied the allegations, pleading not guilty in courta andreleasing several denial statements.

Just one week remaining for Mr.Olympia and even though he has been banned from Mr.Olympia, Shawn Rhoden has kept his No days off attitude and is still working out as if he is being ready for contest.

Watch below his latest instagram post.



Franco Columbu, the former Mr. Olympia  died on August 30 just over three weeks after his 78th birthday.Columbu died in a hospital in his native Sardinia on Friday afternoon after being taken ill while he was swimming in the sea. 

Franco won Mr. Olympia way back in 1976, the year after Arnold retired from the famous bodybuilding competition. Franco again won in 1981, the year after Arnold's comeback win.

The former Mr.Olympia was Arnold Schwarzenegger's closest friends. 

Arnold said goodbye to Franco with a heartfelt message on his twitter handle writing,

"I love you Franco. I will always remember the joy you brought to my life, the advices you gave me, and the twinkle in your eye that never disappeared. You were my best friend."   

During his career, Columbu won Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, Mr. World, Mr. International, Mr. Europe and Mr. Italy. In 2009, Columbu was also  awarded the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award. 



We all go to the gym with diffrent goals,Some want to gain muscle,some want to lose some fat,some just go for a fit life while some go for getting stronger.When it comes to all these different goals, it's very important that you track your progress. This can be very helpful in figuring out things you are doing wrong, maybe with your nutrition or with your workout routine. Tracking will allow you to correct them. Tracking helps you to know what effects your body and what doesn't.    

These are the 4 things I highly recommend you do to track your progress properly and correct the things you are doing wrong or continue the path you are following if you are progressing.

1) TRACK YOUR WEIGHT: Weigh yourself everyday, and depending on if the scale it going up or down depending on your goal, you can either drop your calorie intake or increase it.    

2) TAKE MEASUREMENTS: You may want to add an inch to your biceps.Tracking your measurements can help see if you are making any improvements in muscle growth. If you are adding those inches,probably you are on the right track.    

3) CLICK PROGRESS PICS : Every week take pics of your body from front,back and sides, compare them with your previous weeks pics. It will give you a good idea of which body part you are lagging and need to work on.     

4) TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS: Your workout says a lot about your body. Track your workouts in order to see if your training volume in the gym is stalling or improving. If you're improving your training volume, it's a good sign that progress is being made. You know size follows size,you might not add any significant muscle size but if you are gaining strength the muscle size is bound to increase.     

Utilizing these 4 things can help keep you on track, or at least set you back on track if you find yourself doing wrong in some of these areas.


Should you workout when you're sick?      

Here's the thing. As much as l advocate for training hard in the gym as often as possible to witness results. If you're sick, you gotta let your body rest. Yeah you need to train hard if you want to grow but if you're struggling to get out of bed and you are in physical pain from your sickness,you should not workout and have rest until you feel better.       

The only time l would recommend you training when you're "sick", is if you have a light head cold or you may say common cold. But even then you should take it easy and listen to your body. Don't push yourself too hard during your weak days especially when you are sick. If you feel that  you are having trouble breathing its time to stop and rest, You need to recover from the sickness before going for a hardcore workout.     

Training will only make things worse. If you're worried about losing progress; relax. One week won't ruin your progress . Your body  was not built in a  day and nor you will loose gains if you rest for a few days to recover from fitness.     

If you know Somebody who wants to keep training even when sick, send him/her here !


Almost everyone during our training might have hit a time when we stop making progress or we may say that our body has hit a plateau. When it comes to that, there are many factors that could be the cause of it. Here are some of the main things that could be keeping you away from gaining muscle.

(1) NOT EATING ENOUGH: You need to eat to grow! Simple as that. If you are not taking your macros,no matter how hard you train in the gym ,you will not grow. Be in a caloric surplus diet,add 500 calories to your daily maintenance.Being in a caloric surplus will help you in gaining.

(2) TOO STRESSED: Increase in your stress hormone reduces the testosterone levels of your body. Stressing can have more of an effect than you think. It can cause real harm to the body. Try to best to stay calm and relax. Don't overthink.   

(3) NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH: Proper rest is very important for recovery of your body.The muscles are repaired and made while you sleep, which is why plenty of it is so necessary to build muscle. Get a healthy sleep of 8-9 hours.   

(4) NO SET PLAN: Maybe you are just switching your routines evey week.You need to find a program and follow it consistently. This is the best way to track your progress over time.   

(5) NOT TRYING TO GET STRONGER: You need to improve on your lifts consistently to grow.Mark my words Size follows strength ,if your strength is increasing you will gain muscle.Whether it's more reps, more weight or more sets every session, you must improve to gain muscle.



When it comes to muscle growth,recovery is absolutely crucial but it is often overlooked by many people. If your muscle is not fully recovered there are chances that you might injure yourself. Also your workout performance will reduce ,you will not be able to hit the gym with same intensity if you are not fully recovered.    

Doing the following 4 things properly can significantly improve your recovery.   

1) REST DAYS: Allowing your body more time to rest from your workouts gives the muscle more time to repair and rebuild . Take 1-4 rest days a week, depending on your training split.   

2) SLEEP: This is the MOST IMPORTANT! Sleep is when the muscle really grows. Moreover growth hormone is released when you sleep which tends to increase the muscle recovery speed and aids in building muscle. Try your best to get a minimum on 7 hours a night.    

3) EAT ENOUGH: Food is what fuel is to a car, it drives our body .Our body feeds on the calories we put into it. Having a proper caloric intake can really help with fatigue reduction. The best way to tell is normally to just eat enough to at least feel satisfied. If your damaged cells are not given proper nutrition they will not be able to repair themselves and you will remain in a fatigued condition.   

4) PROTEIN: Proteins are the building blocks of muscles.Protein is a very important macro in recovery, as it repairs the muscle cells that we damage during our workouts. Try to get atleast 1-1.5 gm of protein per Kg.   

If you still feel like you aren't fully recovering, chances are you're not doing one of these things, or you might be over training. Make sure you keep these in check in order to maximize your recovery!

Whey Protein vs Casein Protein - Which is better ?

"Which is better ? Whey or Casein protein ?" This is one such question that seems to be asked often .
However instead of asking which one is better in general, we should ask which one is better for certain situations or time.

WHEY PROTEIN is a fast digesting protein powder that is absorbed by the body quickly, meaning that whey protein might be better suited to have either before, during or after workouts as it supply amino acids to your muscles very quickly. Whey is a lean source of protein i.e it neither has any fat nor any carbohydrates in it. 

CASEIN PROTEIN is a slow digesting protein that normally takes 5-7 hours to digest, meaning that casein might be better to take before bed, as it will continue supplying amino acids to the muscles while you sleep and help in muscle recovery, which is good because when sleeping, you are going a long time without food,However your body requires protein so that it can recover the muscle. 

So, simply put , one is not better than the other overall. But one may be better than the other depending on the situation. So if it's around pre/intra/post workout, go with WHEY. If you're about to go for a longer period of time without food or protein intake , you should take casein protein. 

Also, let's remember that PROTEIN POWDERS ARE NOT MAGICAL ! Its simply a convenient way to up your protein intake and meet your daily protein requirement.


Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements among athletes, As we know that proteins are the building blocks of muscle , whey protein can be a great addition to anyones diet and training regimen.

For beginners, Whey protein is often thought of as the holy grail of muscle gains and thought to be a magic powder for insane gains. But in reality whey protein specifically isn't linked to increasing muscle mass, it does aid in increasing total dietary protein intake which is capable of increasing lean mass. You need to be in a caloric surplus with high protein diet to gain muscle mass.Therefore, whey protein can be a great aid in increasing ones overall dietary protein intake if only their diet is balanced.

Protein powder is a great supplement to incorporate into your diet, but many think it's great for the wrong reasons. Most beginners believe that protein powder is this magical supplement that automatically gives you gains if you have a shake a day. While I wish it were the case, protein powder won't magically make you grow muscle, but it can be used to make sure your protein goals are on target.

In addition, protein powder should not serve as a substitute for whole protein sources from real food. Protein powder simply provides us with a quick and convenient protein source when we are on the go.So as you may have guessed by now, neither will you automatically turn "bulky" from simply supplementing with protein powder, as there are many other factors that play a role in muscle growth.

  Whey protein is still an amazing supplement and has so many other benefits.  It can be taken on a daily basis to help hit an individual's daily protein intake, as a quick and convenient source, and contributing to a long term muscle growth. It isn't something magical in a tub, however, it does help when used properly and while following a good training regimen.



When it comes to supplements, I feel like there are only 3 of them that are truly effective, and those 3 are caffeine, creatine, and whey protein.But when it comes to these 3, many people misunderstand when they need to take them.

1. Whey Protein

When it comes to whey protein, don't feel like you need to drink 3-4 shakes every single day to grow muscles. Understand the fact that whey protein is a supplement that means it is just an addition to your diet to grow muscles your diet needs to be on point. Whey should really only be used when it's convenient to you. Whey is seen as a magical supplement that gives you gains. But the truth is, it just helps you more easily hit your protein goals for the day.

2. Creatine

Creatine is one of the best, most proven to work supplements out there for muscle growth. One problem we often see is people over using it They feel like they need to take 3-4 scoops a day, but this will only lead to excessive water weight gain due to water retention in the body. You really only need 3-5 gms of creatine day. The best part about it also, is that is does't matter when you take it.  Just take 3-5g, once a day, whenever you seem fit. It will not only add size but also increase your strength. You may get the strength to go for a couple of extra reps that you might have struggled previously without creatine.

3. Caffeine

For caffeine, the best time to take this is pre-workout to give you some energy, and/or in the morning, for the same reason. Caffeine
is a great supplement,It increases your concentration levels and blood flow in the body. It is pretty helpful in days with low drive for workout.

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Happy Independence Day (15th August) 2019: Wishes, Images, Quotes, Photos, Greeting, Message, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Status

Happy Independence Day (15th August) 2019: Wishes, Images, Quotes, Photos, Greeting, Message, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Status

This Independence day get the best discount on supplements :

1.whey protein
2.Pre workout
3.Gym accessories


 Roelly Winklaar who came 3rd in last years olympia and was crowned the people's champion at the 2018 Olympia just posted a video of his six weeks out of the olympia.

Since Big ramy is not going to compete in this years olympia, Roelly is the biggest of all the bodybuilders competing this year. In the video he looks monstrous ,you can definately see that he added a lot of mass to his chest.He looks damn freaky and a major threat to all the other bodybuilders who qualified for olympia as we know that he finished 3rd last year and beat every competitor except Phil heath and Shawn Rhoden , Since there are still speculations that any of them will compete , Roelly is a fan favourite to win the title

Is he going to be the next Mr.Olympia ?

The biggest Mr.Olympia ever ?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by A.Askar (@ahmad_askar_1) on


Helmut Strebl is an Austrian bodybuilder who rose to fame when his pics got viral. He is famous in the fitness industry for his incredibly shredded physique. To achieve a single digit fat percentage is very hard to achieve and requires immense dedication and hard work.He has modeled and competed for more than 20 years.

HEIGHT : 6 ft 3 inch
WEIGHT : 205-215 Lbs

Helmut started training at an early age of 12 ,He just wanted to get strong enough so that he could protect himself from high school bullies. In the beginning, it was only self- protection that got him into weight training but he quickly realized that there was more to weight training than self- defence. He then went on to train harder so that he could compete against his friends in size, and in strength. Gaining strength and size motivated Helmut to train even harder. This motivation paved the way to a dream of becoming a fitness model.

Helmut's diet mostly comprises of lean proteins and sweet potatoes and adding brown rice in the off-season.To reach his incredible low bodyfat percentages (4-5%) Helmut will decrease his carb intake and slightly increasing his fat. He will also do carb cycling for a month before the event. The duration of carb cycling will generally be for four days. For the first three days he will be taking 150- 200 grams of carbs which is divided into 6 meals taken by him in a day.

With proper nutrition and hardwork he has achieved such an incredible physique. Moving into his 50s , he still looks aesthetic and ripped.
From competing on stage, motivational speaking, and personal training, Helmut has risen to the top of his game, and is a true model for what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

    • Mountain Bike Downhill & Cross Country Champion in Cyprus 1995
    • Winner- mountain race cycling championships 1995
    • Twice Winner United Nations Military Skills in Cyprus 1995
    • Mr. Austria 1996
    • 2nd Place Mr. Europe 1996
    • 11th Place Mr. World 1996
    • 2nd Place Bench Press Competitor 1997
    • Mr. Fitness 1998
    • Gravesend Classic First Timer Bodybuilder Winner 2002
    • Top 20 Finalists of Men's Health Competition 2003
    • Muscle Fitness Model Fame Runner Up 2005
    • Muscle Fitness FAME Winner 2008
    • European Muscle Model & Natural Bodybuilding Champion 2010, 2009, 2008.
    • FAME 2011 European Natural Bodybuilding Champion
    • FAME 2011 European Muscle Fitness Model Runner-Up
    • MiamiPro 2012 European Natural Bodybuilding Champion
    • MiamiPro 2012 European Natural Muscle Model Champion
    • World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Natural Bodybuilding
    • World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Fitness Model Class Over 40s
    • Runner Up Miami Pro 2013 Muscle Model -Class B   
    • Miami Pro World Championship 2014: Bodybuilding 1st Place,Muscle Model over 40 - 1st Place,Open Class - Muscle Model Class B- 2nd Place



Shawn Rhoden has posted his first official statement against the rape accusations made by a fellow female bodybuilder. He posted this statement on instagram, You can check the statement through the below link.

After all the accusations Shawn had remained silent but he has finally spoken up. He claims to be innocent has stated that he would never do what the allegations claim and jeopardize his position of Mr.Olympia.

He further stated that the allegations made on are him   andare false has tarnished his reputation,however Rhoden said that he will continue to cooperate with the law enforcements.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Shawn Rhoden (@flexatronrhoden) on


The bodybuilding world was thrown into huge shock last week when the current Mr. Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden was accused of sexual assault of a female bodybuilder.

To recap the case thus far,Shawn Rhoden, 44, was charged on Thursday in 3rd District Court with rape, object rape and forcible sexual abuse. According to court documents, Rhoden was visiting Utah from southern california on 12 October 2018 when a fellow female bodybuilder came to visit him in the hotel.

Now many fitness news outlets have surfaced news that the current Mr. Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden has allegedly passed two lie detector tests regarding the allegations. The source of this news comes from Muscular Development's Ron Harris - - who claims that Rhoden has passed two different kinds of lie detector tests. In both the instances, Rhoden maintained that the events were consensual in nature. It should be noted that Ron harris has officially reported on this,However source from where he got the news are still unknown.

"I spoke with someone who is very close to
the case I cannot say who. But trust me this is
someone on the inside. This information is 100% accurate and reliable. 
Shawn Rhoden did take not one but two lie
detector tests shortly after this alleged
incident that occurred last October and he
passed both of them.
He took a standard polygraph and he took a
new type of lie detector test used in various
Law enforcement circles, known as Eyedetect"

EyeDetect is a next generation lie detector test  that measure subtle changes in eye movements to detect lies/deceptions.While it is important to note that neither test is valid in court,passing both tests does not count for something.

Rhoden was supposed  to defend his Mr.Olympia title, at this year's event.


If you are crushing on for inspiration,workout ideas and motivation,Just follow these fit girls on instagram.

Instagram is internet's largest platform for fitness and there are countless trainers and models here that are providing there followers with the knowledge of exercise and diet.

These fitness models need to stay consistent with their fitness regimens and diet to maintain the physique they have.

Providing immense knowledge to stay fit you need to follow these incredibly fit girls.

Check out the top 10 female fitness models you need to follow on instagram

1. Sommer Ray

Check out  her original post here and follow her on instagram :

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2.Michelle lewin

Check out  her original post here and follow her on instagram :

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3.  Jen Selter 

Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

4. Anllela Sagra

 Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

A post shared by ANLLELA SAGRA πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄ (@anllela_sagra) on

5. Paige Hathaway

Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

 6.Kali Burns

Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

7.Jessica Arevalo

 Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

 8.Tana Cogan

Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

9.Eva Andressa 

Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :

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10. Carriejune Anne Ace

Check out her original post here and follow her on instagram :



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