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Why are you not growing and how to increase muscle mass ?

Why are you not growing and how to increase muscle mass ?

Everyone join the gym to have a good physique , they shed sweat for hours working out but are not able to get the results. What may be the reason lets break it down ..

How your muscles grow ?

Muscles grow when your muscle protein synthesis is more than muscle protein breakdown. You workout and you break muscle fibres, We fuel our body with food and it utilizes the nutrients from our diet to repair those muscle fibers. The muscle fibers are grown bigger and stronger

Why we don't grow ?

Look its 20 % what we do in the gym and 80% is what we do outside the gym that is our diet. Now to increase muscle mass we need to be in calorie surplus. First you need to know your basic maintenance calories, you can get it calculated by description given below.
Now once you know your maintenance calories which is the amount of calories you burn while sitting idle, The basic formula to gain is to take 1.8 times your maintenance calories. If you are not consuming enough calories you wont grow.
Lack of sleep , our body recovers and repairs when we rest , If we do not take proper sleep our muscles wont grow. So at least 8 hrs of sleep is required

What should be our Macro for gaining muscle mass ?

Carbs-50 % Protein-30% Fats-20%
You should consume complex carbohydrates and high protein diet. Carbs are required to provide you energy during heavy workout session and protein may help your muscles to recover and grow.
Foods to consume -

How many meals to take ?

Divide you calories into 5-6 meals and consume after every 2-3 hours , Instead of overloading the stomach in one go you should take small meals so that the muscles are supplied with nutrients regularly.


We need to have a balanced diet and be in calorie surplus to grow. You need to have patience, Rome was not built in a day,stick to your diet and workout for at least 12 weeks to see the results.

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What is creatine ?

Creatine is an organic compound that is produced in the human body from amino acids glycine and arginine. Since it is produced by the body itself it is not an essential nutrient. Roughly 1 gm of creatine is produced within the body. It can also be obtained from food such as red meat, fish,pork and poultry products

Where is creatine stored ?

It is stored in muscles tissues and skeleton of our body.

How it works ?

It converts ADP - Adenosine diphosphate to ATP-Adenosine triphosphate (The energy currency of the cell ) which increases muscle strength and endurance during high intensity workout.


Normally the dosage of creatine recommended is 3-5 gm per day with 3-5 litres of water, However some athletes start with loading phase taking 15-20gms of creatine per day for a period of 4-5 days and then reducing it to 3-5gms per day. Drinking water is very necessary otherwise the Kidney will not be able to filter the blood and cause it to work harder.

Who should not take it ?

  • Person having kidney issues.

Is it good or bad ?

Lets first see the benefits of taking creatine
  1. Enhances strength.
  2. Increased endurance.
  3. Fast recovery.
  4. Reduce fatigue.
  5. Helps in bulking.
  6. Improves brain function.
Common side effects of taking creatine:
  1. Bloating.
  2. Water retention in body.
  3. Digestion problem.
  4. Liver issues - Suggested but no scientific study to back it up
  5. Kidney stones- This is the most common side effect that is suggested but no studies have shown that taking creatine causes kidney stones.


Creatine is one of the cheapest supplement in the market that can help jn increasing your muscle mass and strength. No studies have shown any harmful or life threatening effects of creatine. So you can give it a try.

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You may have gone through a lot of videos/articles that claim to increase you weight within one week by eating banana with milk but is this the truth ??
Now lets breakdown the fact that how do we gain weight/muscle. Gaining weight and gaining muscle are to completely different thing.You may gain weight by gaining fat or you may gain weight by increasing muscle mass.
Now lets consider a skinny guy of 50 Kg who wants to gain weight. We may first calculate his daily calorie expenditure on maintaining that weight , i want go into exact figures but lets consider 1700 Calories, Now this is the amount of calories he requires to maintain his weight.
In order to gain he needs to be in calorie surplus, Now this is where the banana and milk theory comes in , I have provided the calories and nutrient facts below.
  • 2 Banana -180 calories ( P-2.2gm , C-45.6gm,F-0.6gm)
  • 1 glass fat free milk(400ml)- 121 Calories( P-10.0 gm, C – 19.1gm, F-0.1gm
This comes up to roughly 301 Cal , now considering following this diet twice a day , you may increase your calorie intake by 602 Cal. Being in calorie surplus the body will either use it in the form of energy or convert the carbohydrates into fats and the protein into muscle., which leads to your weight gain.
Conclusion: Yes you do gain weight by adding banana and milk in your diet but it largely depends on the other meals you are taking. If you are not in calorie surplus your weight won’t increase but if you are maintaining a balance diet and adding banana and milk to it too you will definitely gain weight.


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