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You may have gone through a lot of videos/articles that claim to increase you weight within one week by eating banana with milk but is this the truth ??
Now lets breakdown the fact that how do we gain weight/muscle. Gaining weight and gaining muscle are to completely different thing.You may gain weight by gaining fat or you may gain weight by increasing muscle mass.
Now lets consider a skinny guy of 50 Kg who wants to gain weight. We may first calculate his daily calorie expenditure on maintaining that weight , i want go into exact figures but lets consider 1700 Calories, Now this is the amount of calories he requires to maintain his weight.
In order to gain he needs to be in calorie surplus, Now this is where the banana and milk theory comes in , I have provided the calories and nutrient facts below.
  • 2 Banana -180 calories ( P-2.2gm , C-45.6gm,F-0.6gm)
  • 1 glass fat free milk(400ml)- 121 Calories( P-10.0 gm, C – 19.1gm, F-0.1gm
This comes up to roughly 301 Cal , now considering following this diet twice a day , you may increase your calorie intake by 602 Cal. Being in calorie surplus the body will either use it in the form of energy or convert the carbohydrates into fats and the protein into muscle., which leads to your weight gain.
Conclusion: Yes you do gain weight by adding banana and milk in your diet but it largely depends on the other meals you are taking. If you are not in calorie surplus your weight won’t increase but if you are maintaining a balance diet and adding banana and milk to it too you will definitely gain weight.

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