What is fish oil ?
When we talk of fish oil ,we are talking about ‘omega 3’ and when we talk of omega 3 it is for our heart . We need our heart to be healthy as Heart is the most important and powerful organ in our body . Any dysfunction in our heart is fatal.
Fish oil comes from the tissues of oily fish and contains two types of omega-3 fatty acids, known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
Most health organization suggest that for healthy adults the daily recommendation of omega 3 is 300-500mg. We get omega 3 from our diet by consuming nuts,seeds,fish and whole egg.
If we are getting the daily recommended omega 3 from our diet than there is no need for any supplementation.
But as we know India is ranked No.1 in heart problems. Most of the people are not getting . Aiding eye problems enough omega 3 that is when we need to add Fish oil supplement to our diet.
Benefits of fish oil
1. Healthy heart :
Heart diseases are the leading reason of death worldwide. Fish oil has the below benefits for our heart :
  • Increases the levels of ‘HDL ‘ good cholesterol .
  • Also many studies have found that fish oil is beneficial in controlling elevated blood pressure.
  • Reduces the chances of abnormal heart beat.
  • Reduces the chances of sudden death in people suffering from heart disease.
2. Healthy skin
Our skin is made of omega 3 and it becomes damaged with exposure to sun and aging. As fish oil is rich in omega 3 it helps in maintaining healthy skin.Fish oil keeps your skin hydrated and helps in stimulating the production of healthy skin cells. It can also help in keeping our skin soft and glowing.
3. Aiding eye problems
Omega 3 helps reducing vision problems later in life. Many studies have found that individuals consuming high dosage of fish oil are less likely to develop any macular degeneration ( the most common reason of vision loss )
4. Brain health.
The two main types of omega 3 are EPA and DHA and both are found in fish oil.Both EPA and DHA helps in healthy functioning of nervous system.
There are many other benefits of fish oil like it helps in controlling inflammation, maintaining mental health and weight loss.


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