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Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is responsible for sex drive, development of muscles,bones and growth of body hair.

The normal healthy production of testosterone in a male body is 7 mg/day.This is a healthy testosterone production rate, however a lot of males are suffering from lower testosterone levels.

There are a lot of side effects of lower testosterone levels ,some of them are low sex drive, weight gain, difficulty in loosing fat, less energy, decreased bone density and hormonal imbalance.

But we can boost our testosterone naturally by the following:

Workout ( Leg workout- squats,deadlifts,leg press,lunges)

Training legs with heavy squats and heavy deadlifts increase the hormonal flow.While doing leg workout, the compound movement hit more than one muscle group and muscle fibers that are under stress during an exercise are much more resulting in more testosterone being released into the blood stream.


When under stress the body releases the hormone 'cortisol' . Studies show that cortisol and testosterone work against each other.High stress lowers testosterone in men.Keeping your stress level under check leads to healthier testosterone production and overall health.


 Our body naturally releases testosterone when we are asleep.So proper rest/sleep of 7-8 hours is recommended. If you are not taking proper rest than there may be chance of hormonal imbalance.



Many studies have found that eating saturated fats lead to increase in testosterone levels. However saturated fats should be taken in moderation as it may also increase your weight while increasing cholesterol levels in your body.

Foods rich in saturated fats are eggs,butter,ghee,meat etc.

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