What is complete protein ?
Protein is made up of 20 amino acids out if which 11 are produced by the body and the remaining are to be taken from diet.
For non vegetarians there are a lot of choices for complete protein but for vegetarian the choices are less.
Quinoa the complete plant based protein !
Most plant based foods are not complete protein they miss in one or the other essential amino acids except for Quinoa, It is the only plant based food that has all the essential amino acids.
Being a complete protein the quinoa is considered a super food. It is highly rich in lysine which is pretty much lacking in vegan foods. Also it has mithionine and histidine making it an excellent source for plant based protein.
Other nutritional facts of quinoa
Apart from being rich in protein it is high in fiber, the amount of fiber in quinoa is much more than that in brown rice. Fiber present in quinoa helps in reducing the risk of diabetes.
Considering other available grains , Quinoa is highly rich in minerals and antioxidants and provides more magnesium, iron,fiber and zinc.
Bottom line:
Being extremely nutritious and rich in antioxidants and minerals, It is definitely a healthy addition to diet.


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