Protein is a key nutrient for growing and maintaining muscles and keeping your skin and hair strong and healthy. It also helps keep you full.

For non vegetarians there are a lot of sources of food to complete there daily requirement but in case of vegetarians its a little difficult.By healthy eating of a variety of vegetarian foods, you can easily cover your daily protein requirements.


Legumes family include beans, lentils, lupins, peas,Quinoa, peanuts.They are high in protein ,fiber and carbohydrates. A cup serving of legumes roughly provide 16-18gms of protein and 45-50 gms of carbohydrates, making the carb to protein ratio 3:1 which is good for muscle building.
Fibre present in legumes also prevents insulin spike and cardiovascular problems.

Soya products

Soya family contain the most protein rich foods like tofu,soya chunks,soya beans, soya sauce and soya milk. A 50gm serving of soya chunk contains 25 gm of protein , however it also contains 33 gm of carbohydrates.
250 ml of Soya milk contain 9 gms of protein while 200 gms of soya paneer contain about 28 gms of protein.
However soya products are rich in protein but consumption of the same also leads to rise in estrogen level so it is recommended to keep the daily intake of protein from soya products below 25gms.

Milk products

Milk contain both casein protein as well as whey protein. 250 ml of non fat milk contains 9 gm of protein. Milk is also rich in calcium so it is beneficial for bones too.
It is recommended to take non fat milk as the fat present in milk is mostly saturated fat which will lead to higher cholesterol levels.
Other milk products like curd,yogurt,cheese,paneer are also rich in protein and should be consumed.


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