Caffeine is a drug that stimulates our central nervous system. It is used in medicines and is also found in coffee, green tea and other caffeinated drinks available in the market. Caffeine is the most widely used substance in the world and has lots of health benefits.

Benefits of consuming caffeine.

1. Increases concentration and focus
Caffeine can increase the concentration and mental focus. Studies have shown that caffeine gets into the brain within 15 minutes of its consumption and act as a stimulant to the central nervous system increasing the mental performance , alertness and concentration.

2. Prevents Throat ,mouth ,liver and skin cancer
Recent studies have shown that consumption of caffeine in moderation reduces the risk of various cancer.

3. Boost long term memory
Caffeine acts as a stimulant to our brain's nervous system. Caffeine blocks the adenosine molecule preventing it to stop the function of hormone named norepinephrine which is responsible for showing positive effects on memory. Numerous studies have shown that consumption of caffeine in the range 200-225 mg/day leads to better long term memory of the subject.

4. Weight loss
Caffeine increases the metabolic rate of individual , The higher the metabolic rate the easier it is to lose weight.

5. Reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction
Studies show men who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day can reduce the odds of having an erectile dysfunction.

6. Increase athletic performance and stamina.
Check the main constituents of pre workout available in the market, It is caffeine and green extracts.Caffeine increases the blood flow and focus helping the body during intense workout sessions.

Recommended dosage : Less than 300mg per day
Everything in excess is bad for health, If we consume caffeine above the recommended dosage it will have side effects and the same are discussed below.

Side effects of caffeine

1. Upset stomach
Coffee is acidic in nature and can cause abdominal cramping and irritation in the lining of stomach.

2. Nervousness
High dosage of caffeine lead to jittery effects which are similar to panic and feeling that something is wrong.

3. Anxiety/ stress
Caffeine increases the blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels of an individual. High dosage of caffeine increases the cortisol levels in blood.

4. Sleeping trouble and insomnia

Caffeine increases the alertness , Even if you drink coffee at 6-7pm ,you will have hard time sleeping at night . Excess of caffeine will effect your body clock leading to reduction in sleep time.Good sleep is necessary for healthy brain function.


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