What is vascularity ?

Vascularity is a condition in body when your veins becomes highly visible and prominent. You may have seen your fellow gym partners who are highly vascular but you are not. Maybe its because of his genetics, Yes genetics play a great role in vascularity but there are many ways to achieve your vascularity.

How to increase vascularity ?

Reduce Body fat and get lean

This is the most important factor if you want to achieve those veins, Your body fat is stored just under your skin and it is what prevents your veins to pop out or get visible.
To reduce fat you should be in a calorific deficit , For a healthy cutting the recommended calorie deficit should be 300-500 calories of your daily calorie consumption. Lowering the body fat will make the skin thinner and will get you visible veins.

Build muscle

The more the muscle ,the more blood it require.Building muscle with proper exercise and diet will force the body to expand the blood vessels to enable it for transfering extra blood required for newly built muscle cells.

Do your cardio

Cardio helps in fat loss,lowering down your body fat stores. As we know cardio is exercise for our heart. The more we do cardio the more blood will flow to the muscles. Cardio also promotes the building of new capillaries due to increase need of blood by muscle. By adding cardio to your routine will effectively promote the flow of blood to muscles and increase your vascularity.

Go for the pump

Go for the pump by training your body with high intensity and heavy weights. The more the pump the more amount of blood will flow through the veins.


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