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  What is the difference between whey protein and a mass gainer?

Mass gainer contains larger amounts of carbohydrates and fats that boost your calorie intake. Mass Gainers are used for muscle recovery & muscle growth. However mass gainers high amounts of sugar also but some Good mass gainers available in the market may contain non sugar complex carbohydrates for prolonged energy supply.Mass gainers also have protein in them. A regular mass gainer available in the market may supply you with roughly 20 to 30% of protein .

Whey protein powders contains to the least 60% protein and to the most 90% protein. The remaining constituents of whey protein are carbs and other micronutrients such as glutamine, BCAA,creatine etc.

What to take ? Whey protein or mass gainer ?

First lets discuss what are your body goals ?

Do you want to gain or Do you want to loose weight ?

If you want to gain weight/muscle !

If someone is a hard gainer or someone who doesn’t gain weight easily and wants to build a good amount of muscle mass, then mass gainer would be suitable for him ,However consuming weight gainer will also add a significant amount of fat to your body. But If one wants to make gains with controlled body fat percentage, whey protein would probably be a better option . Alternately, you can also use both weight gainer and whey protein to avoid gaining too much fat.

If you want to loose weight/fat !

If someone has already built sufficient muscle mass and wants to cut down the belly and buttock fat, then whey protein would be suitable as it would help the body to retain the muscles already gained. Having good protein intake during cutting prevents the body to go into catabolic state i.e when the body starts using muscles as a energy source.Whey protein will help you in maintaining your hard earned muscles by fueling your muscles with protein.


Whey protein is suitable for both bulking and cutting phase. It’s just that some people prefer using mass gainer for bulking purposes as it is easier to drink a shake rather than consuming real foods while some people (who gain weight easily such as mesomorphs and endomorphs) use only whey protein to build mass to avoid getting those unwanted fat on body.


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