Fat Loss vs Muscle Gain: What should you aim for?

Fat Loss or Muscle Gain: What should you aim for?

When starting your fitness journey, sometimes it's hard to decide what to aim for.. whether to gain muscle or aim to loosing fat, So lets break it down what is the best option for an individual.

Most people should aim for loosing weight before muscle gain. If your body has a couple of extra pounds or more weight loss should be your main goal before you concentrate on packing on any muscle. However, we know that adding muscle can accelerate weight loss as well. But our prime focus should be on losing weight or you may say reducing the fat percentage of your body.

If your body fat percentage is above 15%
, your primary goal should be to shed fat first.
Diet,cardio, and supplementation will help you lose fat as cardio will increase your daily calorie expenditure and doing diet will help you in being in a calorie deficit. During this caloric deficit stage our body utilizes fat stores of our body as a source of energy leading to losing of weight.

At the same time you lose weight, you will
gain energy. A great way to lose fat is eating a healthy diet high in protein and fats but lower on carbs, such a diet is also called keto diet or you may say it as a fat dominant diet.

Now as you have lost your fat , Its time to gain some muscle. With all that energy that you'll gain from losing weight, you can start building muscle.You can add weightlifting to your routine which will encourage your body to workh harderfor weight loss and addingamuscle mass. By adding weightlifting to your workouts, you will burn more calories, and prepare your body to switch to muscle building .To build muscle I recommend you to eating a healthy diet high in protein and carbs.For muscle building your body needs to be in a caloric surplus that is you need to eat more than your total expenditure. Lets say your total expenditure is 2000 Calories , To gain muscle you need to be in a caloric surplus of 400-500 Calories.

Balance is key in life and so it is in bodybuilding , Whatever your goal is , you need to have a balance diet that matches your bodybuilding goals.


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