There are a lot of testosterone boosters available  in the market that claim to increase the testosterone levels and help in muscle building. But do all these claims given by them have any significance or is it just a marketing strategy to sell a product ?. Lets break it down !

What are Testosterone boosters ?

These are herbal products which claim to use non-steroidal means to increase your testosterone output. They claim to boost your Testosterone levels  by 'maximising your natural production' in some way or other. This sounds pretty cool and worthy enough to buy them, but there aren't any researches that has actually come up with anything to support this claim.

'Tribulus' one of the most widely used test booster. Individuals consuming tribulus suggest that it improves sex drive and erectile function.Other studies show a small improvement over placebo in humans (though this was not statistically significant) which would suggest testosterone levels are  increasing. This could be explained by other things, though, as libido and erectile dysfunction are affected by way more than just Testosterone  levels.When this hypothesis is tested in athletes there is no increase in performance seen,However if  hormone levels are increased then the athletic performance of an individual should also increase but no such effects were seen in athletes taking tribulus.

Then we have Maca,it is a root which claims to increase  the strength,gain muscle and boost energy when consumed. However studies show that consuming maca definetely shows  improvement in libido,sperm quality, fertility and reduce anxiety but as far as gaining muscle and strength is concerned there are'nt any scientific studies to back up the claim.

And finally, we have D-Aspartic acid which is another product that claims to boost the testosterone levels  A few years back there was all kinds of excitement in the supplement industry because a patent had been filed based upon a study indicating around a 40% increase in testosterone after DAA supplementation. Suddenly DAA was in everything doon enough, however, more studies were done to re-test the claim and found that there were mixed results some studies  suggest that it does increase testosterone levels however the other shows no change in the testosterone levels.

A limited study showed that consuming DAA had no effect on muscle gain and athletic performance. However it does increase the fertility in men by increasing sperm quality and quantity.
Overall this seems like testosterone booster  had a ton of promise, but all of these claims falls flat every time.

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