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Will drinking alcohol frazzle your fitness goals or drinking it once a while ok ?

Everything in excess is harmful for your body. Over consumption of even healthy beverages will do more of harm to your body than doing any good. Most of the people consume alcohol whether it may be in moderation or in excess. Now the question is , If an individual has some serious fitness goals ,will the consumption of alcohol effect his/her goals.

Lets first breakdown the nutritional value of alcohol.Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling natural sugar and starch. Alcohol is high in calories but calories we get from alcohol are ' empty calories ' i.e they have little to no nutritional value. Studies indicate that alcohol also contain vitamins and minerals but the quantum of it is so low that they don't add any significance to our diet.



Your body cannot store alcohol like it stores carbs or fats. When we drink alcohol it is quickly absorbed by our small intestine and goes straight to our bloodstream. Our body prioritize the absorption of alcohol and puts other digestive processes on hold. Consumption of alcohol holds the digestive process and slows down the absorption of the valuable macro nutrients making building up of fat on liver.
Alcohol itself contains empty calories , Moreover it can impair a body's ability to absorb nutrients and minerals from the food we eat. Alcohol effects our gastrointestinal tract and damage the body's ability to absorb nutrients.


Alcohol effects our central nervous system directly. Our body requires time to recover from alcohol. It takes 2-3 days for our body to recover completely from the after effects of drinking alcohol. Since the alcohol consumption reduces your reflex control it effects your performance during workouts. Working out is a more of muscle and mind connection , If you lack concentration during a workout session it will definetely effect your results.


We know testosterone is the no 1 hormone for male responsible for both muscle building and fat loss and sex drive. Alcohol reduces your testosterone. If your testosterone is low , you will not be able to loose weight and build muscle. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for hair growth,bone health,sex drive and muscle building. Low testosterone will hamper your fitness goals.
Consumption of alcohol is also linked to increase in the levels of stress hormone i.e cortisol which indirectly lowers down the testosterone levels of the body.


Alcohol does reduce your sleeping time as it makes you feel drowsy. You may have good sleep in the first half of night but this effect wears off in the second half reducing your overall quality sleep time. Without adequate sleep our body won't be able to perform at its optimum levels. A quality sleep is necessary as a good sleep can help boost your ,memory, concentration,increase testosterone  and muscle recovery.


Studies have shown that consumption of alcohol reduces the rate of protein absorption in body. We know that the protein is the building block of muscle and is required after intense workout sessions. Since the body's ability to absorb protein is reduced , there will be delay in the recovery of muscle fibers that have been damaged during workout.


You may have had a hangover and dry mouth after partying last night , it is due to lack of water in your body. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Proper hydration is key to regulating your body temperature and efficient central nervous system. Alcohol consumption  can cause overheating of body and increase in the heart rate. As training and workout performance is affected by the performance of your heart, it could prevent you to achieving your fitness goals.


Alcohol is not totally bad ,you can consume alcohol in moderation, once a week is totally fine. If you have some serious fitness goals moderation of alcohol is necessary as its consumption delays the time our body takes to achieve the goal.
Hope the article was helpful  !

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