The time frame in which you can expect to notice muscle gain depends on several factors:

-Your current fitness level, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or at an advanced level.

-The intensity with which you workout

-The consistency of your workouts - How much rest days you have in your workout schedule or how often do you workout. May be you work thrice a day or five days a week or may full week.

-Your body fat percentage- Fat is the layer between your muscles and skin that makes your muscles less visible, To make the muscles more visible you need to get rid of the excess fat.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, those who are new to exercise can expect to notice muscle gain within four weeks of beginning a strength-training program.

To build muscle, engage in at least 3-4 resistance workouts weekly.To increase your fitness level, however, perform strength-training workouts every other day. You do not build muscle while lifting weights, you build it during the recovery. Eating the right food and providing your body with all the essential nutrients. Having a protein rich is necessary if you want to gain muscle mass.In the gym, you're actually breaking down muscle and producing microscopic tears.During down time, your muscles repair themselves and increase in size by using the protein you eat.

Because muscles are made of bundles of fibers, achieving muscle size and strength gain quickly requires targeting all of a muscle's various fibers. A single exercise, such as skull crushers, targets only one segment of the triceps muscle fibers. To target the remaining fibers, work the muscle from different angles by performing other triceps exercises, such as tricep extensions,kickbacks, triceps pull down,rope pull down and dips.Vary your exercises with every workout, versus waiting until weekly or monthly intervals to make program changes. With frequent changes in workout your body won't become habitual and go into shock .This will force your body to grow the muscles bigger and stronger.

In summary, building muscle takes time. However, you can  speed things up by changing up your workouts frequently and nourishing your body with healthy and nutrition rich foods. Just consume  45-65% of your daily calories from carbs,20-35% from fats and 20-35% from protein. Following this you will definitely  gain muscle mass. In case there is no increase in muscle mass increase your calorie intake by 200-300 Cal maintaining the same percentage of carbs,proteins and fats and you are good to go.


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