Why you are still skinny and struggle in building muscle ?

You may be working your ass off in the gym following strict workout schedules but still not getting any results. Don't let yourself down,there may be many reasons that you are not achieving your muscle building goal. In this blog we will discuss the major reasons that are preventing most skinny guys to gain muscle.

Not taking enough calories.

Without sufficient calories and nutrients you cannot build muscle. If you're not gaining weight you're not eating enough.
Simple!. Your body needs good food to repair back those torn muscle tissues .If you are not feeding your body with macros you won't see any changes.

Not challenging your strength

One of the best indicators of muscle gain is increased strength. If you are not getting stronger overtime you are not getting bigger. This doesn't mean you always have to add weight. It could be more reps at a given weight, more sets at a given weight,controlling the lowering phase more, moving the bar faster, improving your mind muscle connection at heavy loads.

You need to work hard in the gym. You are trying to force the body to adapt to rigorous workouts. Your body is smart it will build new tissues to make your muscle stronger and able to lift heavy weights.

Researches suggest that training volume is correlated to muscle gain. You should aim to do more training volume overtime. I suggest you to keep track of your training volume i.e How many reps you did,how many sets you did, how much weight you handled per set. Keeping track of your training volume will help you in self evaluating your strength levels. Strength follows size and vice versa. Keep training logs and this will surely help in achieving your body goals.

Muscle gain takes time.

Muscle building takes time and requires patience. You cannot expect to get huge within days. Stay focused and have small goals and achieve the. Most of the guys seek results within 1 month of gym  but muscle building takes time. Consistency in your workout and diet will surely benefit you in long term and help you in gaining muscle mass. Just enjoy the process and keep going.


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