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Everyone who has ever worked out has been through a plateau.Plateau is a term used in bodybuilding when the body stops responding to workouts/diet. The response may be of gaining muscle or reducing fat. It can be stressful and it's one of the things that makes people think they aren't capable of achieving more, which then leads them to stop trying as they tend to believe that they have achieved there genetic potential and won't grow anymore. To help you avoid this problem, I have put together a check list to do that will help you break that plateau so you can get back on track with consistently gaining muscle and achieving your body goals.

BE IN SLIGHT CALORIE SURPLUS- (300-400 calories):
If you want to gain weight increasing your calorie intake is must so it's important to
raise the calorie intake. Most of the gym bros will tell you to eat all the food in the world to break the plateau. Its scientifically proven that when a person eats in big caloric surplus the body starts packing on more fat than muscle because your body is not used to the excess calories. By slowly increasing your caloric intake, you give your body a chance to utilize what you're ingesting. However there may be individuals who have high metabolic rate which may reduce the amount of fat due to huge surplus in diet but its still recommend increasing in small increments will benefit overall health and you won't feel bloated, fatigued, etc.

You need to keep track of your calories and macros.You need to be in a calorie surplus to gain but the quality of gain also depends on the macronutrient from which the calories are being consumed.If you aren't tracking, there's no way for you to know what diet plan is working for you and what's not working.

This relates to the point above. If you don't know your weight then you're most likely not going to know what you need to adjust. Checking your weight routinely will help in making adjustments in your diet to achieve your goals.

Many people get discouraged too quickly and actually give up right before they are about to see huge results.Just keep one thing in your mind your body won't change in one day.So stay consistent, and watch all the results you'll receive over time This may be really tough journey, but relax! Enjoy the process and use this as an opportunity to learn more about your body and grow.

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