Are you skinny fat?

First, lets define skinny fat as someone who is
not overweight but has very little muscle mass and a decently high body fat percentage which results in making him look skinny in clothes but not lean without them.

How to get rid of skinny fat ?

Eat at maintenance

Many studies have shown that it is in fact possible to build muscle without being in a calorie surplus. Lets break it down with science , food we eat is not our only source of energy, we have glycogen, body fat & muscle that also aids as a source of energy. So when you are skinny fat, you are carrying some excess stored fat in your body , when you are eating at maintenance you will still have some substrate availability (fat stores) to create energy from within to support growth of lean body mass. Being in maintenance will force your body to use the excess fat stored in the body as a fuel for the energy required in daily activities.

Don't do excess cardio

Though you may want to do cardio in order to burn more calories & lose fat, However it should not take priority over weights. Yes, cardio does burn more calories than weights per unit time.However it will not provide an adequate stimulus for muscle growth. Excess cardio will definietely aid in loosing fat but your muscle development will not be as good if you were lifting heavy weights.

Start weight/strength training.

The current research on muscle gain & losing fat is assuming that you are undergoing some sort of heavy resistance-training program. Lifting heavy weights is a stimulus for hypertrophy.As we know that resistance training is an anabolic process. Therefore, lifting frequently, intensely & with as much volume from which we can recover without injuring ourselves will help you reach hypertrophy.

Keep the protein intake up

Protein is the main macronutrient responsible for promoting the growth/maintenance of fat-free mass. Therefore, though you may not be in a caloric surplus, a stern focus should still be placed on achieving an adequate protein intake in order to promote increases in muscle size & lean body mass. The amount of protein an individual needs depends on his/her age, body goals,daily physical activity .Its difficult to give exact figures but my recommendation is to keep your daily intake of protein to at least 1.3-1.5 grams per kg of your body weight and if your goal is to increase muscle mass than the protein intake should be 2-2.2 gms per kg of your body weight.


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