Bloating is something we all deal with. Especially if you had a few indulgences over the weekend, chances are your weight is up from junk food and water retention.

Bloating isn't the thing you want to deal with, and it's frankly not at all comfortable. So, here are some easy tips on how to reduce bloating.

Before discussing how to reduce bloating, Firstly lets know what is bloating ?

Bloating is the trapping of gas in the abdomen that causes distention of the belly and discomfort.It is essentially the buildup of gas in the abdomen, usually caused by digestion or swallowed air.Feeling bloated can also result from an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine and this bacteria ferments the  food, this fermentation process builds up gas in the small intestine that causes the bloating.

Bloating  can also  be caused by food intolerances, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and other factors. Fiber is a very important substance for your health and digestion process but can lead to gas due to your body's inability to break it down. To avoid getting bloated you should  make sure to have at least 25 gm of fiber  per day, but don't eat too much of it. Exceeding 80 g of fiber per day would probably cause some bloating as well as digestive and nutrient absorption issues.


Excessive fluid won't normally be trapped in the abdomen, but people do often suffer from  water retention (water under skin) as the same thing as bloating. The average person has a diet high in sodium but low in potassium. This causes your body to  to retain water.You can undo this by consuming less processed food and consuming more fruits and vegetables.You should start consuming enough fruits and veggies throughout the day.

Another way of reducing bloating is by drinking loads of water. Believe it or not, having more water will also help flush out subcutaneous water


Lastly, cortisol is a stress hormone leading to water retention. Reduce your stress and you won't hold as much.


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