In the last few days, the entire bodybuilding community has been in a shock after hearing the 1st-degree rape charges against the reigning 2018 Mr.Olympia Shawn Rhoden.

There were reports that the warrant has already been issued and the bail has been set for $750,000.The things have already got worse for Rhoden after the American Media LLC the company which owns Mr. Olympia Contest, CEO David Pecker announced that they have revoked the eligibility of Shawn Rhoden to compete in the 2019 Mr Olympia competition and the future years. Further to this American Media announced that it would "suspend coverage" of Rhoden in its media brands, including "Muscle & Fitness" and "Flex" magazines until the case has been resolved.

On 15/07/19 the IFBB Pro President Jim Manion released a statement about Shawn Rhoden's case which can be read as below:

July 14, 2019
The IFBB Professional League has not at this time taken any actions for or against Shawn Rhoden. Following the advice of our attorneys, the IFBB Professional League will continue to closely monitor the situation while respecting the rights of the accuser, the accused, and the company which owns and operates the prestigious Mr. Olympia Contest. This is adifficult and emotional time for all involved.
Jjim Manion, IFBB Professional League President

As per the statement, the IFBB has clearly stated that no action has been taken against Shawn Rhoden and he will continue to hold the Pro card until proven guilty.


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