Do you know Larry Wheels ?

Larry wheels (Born December 3,1994) is an American professional powerlifter,bodybuilder and social media influencer/star from Bronx ,New York.


HEIGHT - 6'1"
WEIGHT ( ON SEASON) -242 lbs

Larry Wheels early life was spent in immense poverty before becoming one of the strongest powerlifters in the world.He was bullied for being tok skinny,Growing up in poor neighborhoods of Bronx, New York, Larry's goal since childhood was to become stronger and bigger so that no one could bully him.

In order to achieve his goal, Larry began doing basic home exercise like push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups every single day. With the help of his mother, he later built himself a basic weight set consisting of a broomstick and two 40-lbs concrete blocks. With this set he was able to do some complex exercises allowing him to grow.

Larry realizedt if he wanted to continue progressing in his strength and size, he wouldn needto join a gym. But in order to do so, Larry first needed a job so that he could pay the gym membership fee.

Eventually Larry got a job and subsequently joined the gym. Larry started training in a whole new environment full of weightlifting equipment, After joining gym Larry began witnessing tremendous progressi inhis physique.His physique began looking stronger and bigger.After months of lifting weights, Larry lost his interest in bodybuilding and decided to train for strength instead. Having no coach to teach him, Larry began tailoring his own strength training program - he became a self-made athlete, After years of pushing himself , Larry decided that he would become a competitive powerlifter. Before long, Larry found out about a nearby weightlifting competition and decided to attend it. Ever since then, he's never looked back.


He holds numerous powerlifting records in the 242 and 275 weight classes and a phenomenal amount of muscle to show for it.
At the age of 21 Larry wheels had set a new WRPA all time world record with 2170 lbs total lift in 242 lbs division. His lifts were record shattering 771 lbs squat ,826 lbs deadlift and 573 lb bench.
On 19th November 2018 he competed at RPS Powerlifting meet in 275 lbs division and broke the long lasting record of Stan efferding by 49 Lbs. He did a raw 2275 lbs lift which was composed of 610 lbs bench press,855 lbs deadlift and 810 lbs squat.

Further to his records ,Larry regularly uploads his feats of strength on Instagram.Check below some of his incredible lifts:

A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on

A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on


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