We all go to the gym with diffrent goals,Some want to gain muscle,some want to lose some fat,some just go for a fit life while some go for getting stronger.When it comes to all these different goals, it's very important that you track your progress. This can be very helpful in figuring out things you are doing wrong, maybe with your nutrition or with your workout routine. Tracking will allow you to correct them. Tracking helps you to know what effects your body and what doesn't.    

These are the 4 things I highly recommend you do to track your progress properly and correct the things you are doing wrong or continue the path you are following if you are progressing.

1) TRACK YOUR WEIGHT: Weigh yourself everyday, and depending on if the scale it going up or down depending on your goal, you can either drop your calorie intake or increase it.    

2) TAKE MEASUREMENTS: You may want to add an inch to your biceps.Tracking your measurements can help see if you are making any improvements in muscle growth. If you are adding those inches,probably you are on the right track.    

3) CLICK PROGRESS PICS : Every week take pics of your body from front,back and sides, compare them with your previous weeks pics. It will give you a good idea of which body part you are lagging and need to work on.     

4) TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS: Your workout says a lot about your body. Track your workouts in order to see if your training volume in the gym is stalling or improving. If you're improving your training volume, it's a good sign that progress is being made. You know size follows size,you might not add any significant muscle size but if you are gaining strength the muscle size is bound to increase.     

Utilizing these 4 things can help keep you on track, or at least set you back on track if you find yourself doing wrong in some of these areas.


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