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Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted II Denis Waitley


When it comes to muscle growth,recovery is absolutely crucial but it is often overlooked by many people. If your muscle is not fully recovered there are chances that you might injure yourself. Also your workout performance will reduce ,you will not be able to hit the gym with same intensity if you are not fully recovered.    

Doing the following 4 things properly can significantly improve your recovery.   

1) REST DAYS: Allowing your body more time to rest from your workouts gives the muscle more time to repair and rebuild . Take 1-4 rest days a week, depending on your training split.   

2) SLEEP: This is the MOST IMPORTANT! Sleep is when the muscle really grows. Moreover growth hormone is released when you sleep which tends to increase the muscle recovery speed and aids in building muscle. Try your best to get a minimum on 7 hours a night.    

3) EAT ENOUGH: Food is what fuel is to a car, it drives our body .Our body feeds on the calories we put into it. Having a proper caloric intake can really help with fatigue reduction. The best way to tell is normally to just eat enough to at least feel satisfied. If your damaged cells are not given proper nutrition they will not be able to repair themselves and you will remain in a fatigued condition.   

4) PROTEIN: Proteins are the building blocks of muscles.Protein is a very important macro in recovery, as it repairs the muscle cells that we damage during our workouts. Try to get atleast 1-1.5 gm of protein per Kg.   

If you still feel like you aren't fully recovering, chances are you're not doing one of these things, or you might be over training. Make sure you keep these in check in order to maximize your recovery!

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