Should you workout when you're sick?      

Here's the thing. As much as l advocate for training hard in the gym as often as possible to witness results. If you're sick, you gotta let your body rest. Yeah you need to train hard if you want to grow but if you're struggling to get out of bed and you are in physical pain from your sickness,you should not workout and have rest until you feel better.       

The only time l would recommend you training when you're "sick", is if you have a light head cold or you may say common cold. But even then you should take it easy and listen to your body. Don't push yourself too hard during your weak days especially when you are sick. If you feel that  you are having trouble breathing its time to stop and rest, You need to recover from the sickness before going for a hardcore workout.     

Training will only make things worse. If you're worried about losing progress; relax. One week won't ruin your progress . Your body  was not built in a  day and nor you will loose gains if you rest for a few days to recover from fitness.     

If you know Somebody who wants to keep training even when sick, send him/her here !


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