Whey Protein vs Casein Protein - Which is better ?

"Which is better ? Whey or Casein protein ?" This is one such question that seems to be asked often .
However instead of asking which one is better in general, we should ask which one is better for certain situations or time.

WHEY PROTEIN is a fast digesting protein powder that is absorbed by the body quickly, meaning that whey protein might be better suited to have either before, during or after workouts as it supply amino acids to your muscles very quickly. Whey is a lean source of protein i.e it neither has any fat nor any carbohydrates in it. 

CASEIN PROTEIN is a slow digesting protein that normally takes 5-7 hours to digest, meaning that casein might be better to take before bed, as it will continue supplying amino acids to the muscles while you sleep and help in muscle recovery, which is good because when sleeping, you are going a long time without food,However your body requires protein so that it can recover the muscle. 

So, simply put , one is not better than the other overall. But one may be better than the other depending on the situation. So if it's around pre/intra/post workout, go with WHEY. If you're about to go for a longer period of time without food or protein intake , you should take casein protein. 

Also, let's remember that PROTEIN POWDERS ARE NOT MAGICAL ! Its simply a convenient way to up your protein intake and meet your daily protein requirement.


  1. Nice article, Which you have shared here about the Protein Powder. Your article is very informative and useful to know more about the difference between Whey or Casein proteins. Thanks for sharing this article here.


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