Almost everyone during our training might have hit a time when we stop making progress or we may say that our body has hit a plateau. When it comes to that, there are many factors that could be the cause of it. Here are some of the main things that could be keeping you away from gaining muscle.

(1) NOT EATING ENOUGH: You need to eat to grow! Simple as that. If you are not taking your macros,no matter how hard you train in the gym ,you will not grow. Be in a caloric surplus diet,add 500 calories to your daily maintenance.Being in a caloric surplus will help you in gaining.

(2) TOO STRESSED: Increase in your stress hormone reduces the testosterone levels of your body. Stressing can have more of an effect than you think. It can cause real harm to the body. Try to best to stay calm and relax. Don't overthink.   

(3) NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH: Proper rest is very important for recovery of your body.The muscles are repaired and made while you sleep, which is why plenty of it is so necessary to build muscle. Get a healthy sleep of 8-9 hours.   

(4) NO SET PLAN: Maybe you are just switching your routines evey week.You need to find a program and follow it consistently. This is the best way to track your progress over time.   

(5) NOT TRYING TO GET STRONGER: You need to improve on your lifts consistently to grow.Mark my words Size follows strength ,if your strength is increasing you will gain muscle.Whether it's more reps, more weight or more sets every session, you must improve to gain muscle.


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