Chris Bumstead is the new Classic Physique Olympia champion!

Chris Bumstead is the new  Classic
Physique Olympia champion!     

Classic Physique Results: Breon Ansley who has been the champion for the past two years in the classic physique division lost to Chris Bumstead who was always right behind him getting the second place. And despite there were other great competitors in the classic physique division, the show has been a battle between these two incredible athletes.
Many thought that Breon Absley will again grab this year's Olympia but it's a new year and here we have a new champion in 2019.

Chris Bumstead is the NEW Classic Physique Olympia champion after falling to Breon Ansley for the previous years of competition. He brought the Classic look in addition to perfect size and proportion.
He was able to show up and impress during pre-judging which led to his ultimate victory in the final.    

Congratulations to the new Classic Physique
king! Bumstead wins the 2019 Olympia Classic championship Title, a gold medal and the check of $30,000


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