By salt here, we mean the common salt or table salt.Salt is made up of two elements Sodium (40% of salt) and Chlorine. Since it cannot be produced by our body it needs to be taken through a balanced diet.     

Sodium is a very important electrolyte in the body and plays a crucial role in many bodily functions like muscle contraction,metabolic processes, blood volume, blood pressure,nerve function, , intra and intercellular fluids etc.     

By completely avoiding salt you could be subjecting yourself to certain health risks.As sodium and potassium allows the muscles to contract and relax thus inducing movements, heart beats, secretions, neuro transmissions etc. They also play a crucial role in urine formation and fluid retention within the body.       

How salt or sodium intake helps bodybuilders?   

Salt i.e. sodium is essential to maintain the level of body fluids which helps your muscles to grow big and become hard. It has been proved by many scientific experiments that protein uptake and turnover is better when the level of fluids in the body is a little higher. As we all know what role protein plays in muscle growth.   

It has also been seen that increased levels of fluids in the body act as cushions and lubricants thereby reducing the chances of injuries and muscle strains.
Sodium also increases the body fluids which
increases the lifting potential during workouts.    

Why do bodybuilders cut down salt before competition ?    

A lot of bodybuilders religiously cut down sodium intake in order to avoid water retention and remove any excess water from body to get a more lean and ripped look at the stage.


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